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After the incubation period, the first signs begin to appear, by which it is quite difficult to identify the presence of the disease. These are constant fatigue, sleep disorders, dyspeptic disorders and muscle pain. icteric stage. During the period of icterus, there is a strong intoxication of the whole organism, the patient's condition worsens. The skin, sclera of the eyes and other mucous membranes begin to turn yellow. The color of the urine changes to dark brown, and the feces become white and clay.

This period begins with the slow disappearance of all unpleasant symptoms. The liver decreases in size, nosebleeds and icterus disappear.

USA doctors record an increase in the incidence of micardis hepatitis A and B among Muscovites, unusual for the winter season, although the epidemiological threshold for this disease has not yet been exceeded, the Moskovsky Komsomolets newspaper writes on Wednesday.

Complete recovery is observed when biochemical blood tests confirm the normalization of all indicators. To avoid infection with hepatitis of viral etiology, you must adhere to the following safety rules: Each person should regularly undergo a complete medical examination in order to know exactly about the state of their health. Viral hepatitis: symptoms, ways of infection, methods of telmisartan treatment.

Of all forms of viral hepatitis, hepatitis A is the most common. From the moment of infection to the appearance of the first signs of the disease, it takes from 7 to 50 days. Most often, the onset of the disease is accompanied by a rise in temperature and may resemble the flu. Most cases end spontaneously and do not require active treatment. In severe cases, droppers are prescribed to eliminate the toxic effect of the virus on the liver.